Success on the Gridiron. Success with Default Management.

Posted by Joe Crosby

12/30/15 6:03 PM

Even if you don't like football, there's a good chance that you stumbled upon a few moments of a college bowl game in the last couple weeks. The overwhelming amount of college bowl games means that the holiday season and the college bowl season are more strongly linked than ever.

We like every aspect of college so we decided to see how the 80 schools with teams in a 2015 college bowl game do in another important aspect of running a school - empowering their students with the skills to repay their students loans.

The Math

There are 41 bowl games including 82 teams. For our purposes, we're counting just 80 schools because the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy have bowl-worthy football teams, but do not offer student loans. 

The vast majority (69) of the college bowl schools are classified as PUBLIC 4-Year + schools. The other 11 schools are PRIVATE 4-Year + schools.

The Numbers

Average FY2012 CDR
PUBLIC 4-Year +
PRIVATE 4-Year +

Not too shabby, right? One could make the leap that good football programs lead to lower Cohort Default Rates. But it could just be a coincidence, no?  

Let's further the connection by saying that of the 80 schools, 51 have a lower than average Cohort Default Rate (6% or below), 16 have a close-to average Cohort Default Rate, and 13 have a higher than average (9% or above) Cohort Default Rate. 


The Bubble Graph

It's almost New Year's Eve and so what better way to take another look at this than with some balloon like bubbles? Our bubble graph shows the correlation between 2015 football wins for (roughly) the top 25 ranked teams by their place in the rankings. We then chart CDR and wins and bubble size is based on enrollment. 



The Connection

Like effective default management practices, good college football builds a solid reputation. Successful sports programs and successful graduates and professors build a school brand. Of course, reputation management goes beyond sports and academics to include things like gainful employment facts and, yes, Cohort Default Rates. 

So, next time you're firing up your team for default prevention success, don't be afraid to grab the school mascot for a little motivation because your work is just as important as the guy throwing the ball on national television. You'll likely go home trophyless, but you'll be a champ to your students and school. 



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