Success on the Gridiron. Success with Default Management.

Posted by Joe Crosby on 12/30/15 6:03 PM

Even if you don't like football, there's a good chance that you stumbled upon a few moments of a college bowl game in the last couple weeks. The overwhelming amount of college bowl games means that the holiday season and the college bowl season are more strongly linked than ever.

We like every aspect of college so we decided to see how the 80 schools with teams in a 2015 college bowl game do in another important aspect of running a school - empowering their students with the skills to repay their students loans.

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Posted by Joe Crosby on 10/14/15 12:07 PM

We're rolling out a new tool that we think could make student loan default prevention a tad easier. 

It's called the Cohort Management Essentials Quick Quote and its name sums up its purpose. By simply providing your name, email address, and school OPEID we give you a quote for affordable, effective default prevention services and we do it quickly.

In the past, schools have told us that comparing costs and services has taken weeks of work involving requests for proposals, meetings with various providers, internal meetings to discuss, and finally a selection of a provider.  

With a quick quote, you'll get a tidy summary of our service and what it costs. Here's how that could be helpful to you.

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A 32% Reduction in Student Loan Default. How One School Did It.

Posted by Joe Crosby on 10/7/15 8:00 PM

Set right between the commerce and industry of downtown Minneapolis and a leafy, historic neighborhood of beautiful homes, museums, lakes, and parks, Dunwoody College of Technology knows what it's like to be in a unique position.

As one of only a handful of private, non-profit technical colleges in the country it has a special place in the world of higher education. While mission-driven and focused on developing leaders and entrepreneurs, Dunwoody also works tirelessly on the nuts and bolts of solid career training.

Private post-secondary schools regularly see close to 70% of their students taking federal financial aid. Yet, technical schools that mostly grant associates degrees  generally only see borrower rates around 40%. As a private, technical school, the majority of Dunwoody students use loans to finance their education.

Dunwoody is innovative and unique in the sector, but shares a similar challenge to other schools.

Cohort Default Rates Climb

Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 was the first year that a "3-year" Cohort Default Rate (CDR) would be the official measuring stick of how well student loan borrowers were progressing with repayment of their loans. All post-secondary schools that accepted federal student loans would be measured by the Department of Education on this now longer scale measurement that calculated the percentage of students defaulting on their loans within 3-years of repayment.

In September, 2013,  the national CDR for FY2010 was announced at 14.7% and many wondered if student loans were going to be the newest bubble to burst our economy. Dunwoody, like many other schools, was not happy with its rate. 

But that is when schools like Dunwoody stepped up to face default head-on. Kimberly Helm, Dunwoody’s Bursar, explains that lowering default is not easy, but by showing some additional care, they've been able to realize a 32% drop in their CDR. Here's how they did it and how they plan to keep it down:

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FY2012 Cohort Default Rates Announced at 11.8%

Posted by Joe Crosby on 9/30/15 4:46 PM

Nearly 611,000 student borrowers that entered repayment in Fiscal Year(FY) 2012 defaulted on their students loan before September 30, 2014. This equates to a national Cohort Default Rate of 11.8%

That's the bad news.

The good news is that this is a sizeable reduction over FY2011 that saw over 650,000 student borrowers default or 13.7% of the borrowers in the cohort.

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Who would win the Cohort Default Rate Final Four?

Posted by Joe Crosby on 4/3/14 1:29 PM

Congratulations to all NCAA final four teams on their low Cohort Default Rates (CDR). All schools impress with their ability to prevent default. However, only one team can win this contest. 

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