How to Perform Grace Period Outreach

Posted by Joe Crosby on 6/4/14 6:03 PM

flagsRemember your December grads and all those students who decided to take a different path after the last fall term?

It's amazing how one half-orbit of the sun can cause our memories to fog over. Because you work so hard to serve the students who are in front of you, it's easy to forget about the students that have moved on.

The worrisome part is that those December grads, unless they've made other arrangements, will enter repayment very soon (possibly June 15).

Let's get preemptive.  

If you're not hands-on-hips confident that those students are prepared for repayment, consider whipping up a late rally with grace period outreach.  

After all, a great amount of those who default on their loans never make a first payment. Your grace outreach could make a big difference.   

And now, the steps: 

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